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Structural Concrete

Structural concrete are steel reinforced concrete structures that are designed and built for the support of a certain amount of load, or design load. Structural concrete technology has been refined and modified to take on higher loads and has totally replaced the bulkier and less reliable masonry buildings of the past. This, in turn, has afforded architects greater freedom to design more challenging structures.

Structural concrete California

Today, with the advances in chemistry, newer generations of polymer-modified concrete are increasing the load-bearing capacity and water resistance of concrete, paving the way for newer opportunities.

Structural Concrete

SteelCore Builders, Inc. Structural Concrete Applications

  • New foundations
  • Retaining walls
  • Foundation replacement
  • Underpinning and foundation lifting
  • Underground concrete construction – underground garages and living spaces
  • Epoxied anchors

“After a false start with our construction project, I was fortunate to have found SteelCore Builders to correct the course. From the beginning, I liked how clear, thorough, and confident their approach was to the project. They walked me through the whole process and answered all of my questions. The company has a great culture of respecting clients. Peter’s crew is attentive, polite and follows my instructions without hesitation. The crew members were careful during the construction process and minimized damage to the surrounding garden. “

W. Gong