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Earthwork refers to the grading and the excavation of a site to the desired grade in preparation for the construction of the foundation and retaining walls. SteelCore Builders is equipped for the excavation of steep hillsides.

Earthwork San Francisco Bay Area
Baldry drill rig

SteelCore Builders, Inc. Earthwork Applications

  • Excavation and off haul
  • Soil erosion control
  • Pier drilling
  • Tiebacks
  • Permeation grouting
  • Work on expansive & sandy soils
  • Shoring
  • Engineered fill and compaction
  • Drainage systems

“We had SteelCore Builders excavate under our home in San Francisco to put in a garage, party space and patio. We are totally happy with the results. SteelCore Builders is excellent, and should be considered for small jobs as well as total renovations and new construction.”

S. Hester

San Francisco, California