Reviews from Engineers We Work With

“I have known and worked with Shahram and Peter for many years. They have been high on my list of contractors to go to for structural projects. I recommend them because I have great confidence in their expertise and execution. We have collaborated in some very difficult and complicated projects. I am pleased to see Shahram and Peter embarking on formation of Steel Core Builders specializing on their structural strengthening expertise and looking forward to working with them.”

John Yadegar, Structural Engineer, John Yadegar & Associates (JYASF)
San Francisco

“Recently I’ve been reintroduced to Trush Construction after an absence of many years. The past year we have worked on 2 projects, which I believe, because of their involvement, have benefitted their owners. Shahram and Peter have been very receptive, communicative and helpful. There have been several times when their suggestions achieved the intent of the design and owner’s objective. I look forward to working with Trush and their new venture, Steel Core Builders, on future projects and wonder why we haven’t reconnected sooner.”

Mike Kaszpurenko, Structural Engineer, Structural Engineers Collaborative
San Francisco

“I have known and worked with Shahram and Peter for more than 10 years, commencing with foundation construction and seismic bracing during the remodeling of my own house. Besides foundation construction, that project entailed temporary support of the front of the house while a steel braced frame and header were installed.

Subsequently, as a practicing geotechnical engineer I have been involved in more than 10 projects with Trush Construction. The projects included: grading and soldier pile installation for landslide repair, seismic bracing for multi-story buildings, underground construction (which included complex temporary shoring, water-proofing and drainage), and numerous drilled pier installations for new and retrofit construction. In all cases, Shahram and Peter were actively involved with the owners and designers, which ultimately resulted in timely and successful project completions. I regularly recommend them to clients who are anticipating a foundation or other underground construction project.”

Tom Stimac, Geotechnical Engineer, Stimac Associates, Inc.

Reviews from our Clients

“To whom it may concern,

SteelCore was of invaluable assistance in a construction project that involved reinforcing a 100-year-old retaining wall. It was a very complicated project, and they performed admirably at every step of the process, doing exactly what they said they were going to do. They were a great pleasure to work with, and I give them my highest recommendation.”


“To whom it may concern:

Steelcore Builders completed a seismic upgrade at my six-unit building in San Francisco with as little pain as a client could hope for. Like most multi-unit apartment owners in The City, I was shocked to receive “another” CCSF ordinance requiring a seismic upgrade to my building which had withstood the ‘89 earthquake without a trace of damage. I was required to hire an engineer, then a contractor, then a contractor to inspect the contractor.

The engineer “guessed” that the work would range from $150K-$200K for this 1906 building with strange and complicated bones. I started searching for contractors to do the work and luckily found Shahram and Peter at Steelcore Builders. Say no more.

The work was done on time and on a budget less than $140K, including the engineer and the second contractor. What could have been a nightmare project turned out to be a dreamwork. When problems arose with PGE, unexpected  sewer pipes, unanticipated underground streams, surprise electrical conduit and uncooperative DBI personnel, Shahram’s team dealt with them calmly and with minimal additional expense.

My main concern revolved around my six excellent tenants whom I wanted to disrupt as little as possible, because they would have to empty their basement storage spaces, have their possessions stored and later reverse the process. Shahram’s team managed to keep them informed and assisted them at every step of the way. Additionally, during the projected 2+ month project (wrapped up in less time), the noise and disruption was kept to a minimum. Not ONE tenant complaint. In fact, the tenants all lauded Shahram and Peter and their team for being courteous and competent throughout.

Okay, that’s enuf. Prospective  clients are encouraged to write or call me for more specifics.”

Best, Jerry Spolter
6 units on 15th  @ Roosevelt—San Francisco

“Dear Shahram,

We are so glad we selected your team to perform our seismic retrofit. Laura knew right away that you were the right contractor for our structural project after her first phone conversation with you. When I first met you for our on-site walk-through and plan review, I instantly knew what L. meant; you were very communicative, had a knack for explaining things, and were very easy to work with to establish a project phasing plan to minimize impact on the residents.

You made the project appear effortless to manage although I’m sure you likely dealt with hundreds of emails and phone calls to keep the project moving smoothly. Yet, you managed to keep us completely informed on project status and issues and were always very responsive to issues that we brought up. After our initial meeting, I believe every correspondence was over email without need to escalate to a chain of telephone conference calls. I think this is a testament to how well you communicated and quite amazing considering the scope of the project and some of the issues we faced.

Throughout the project, you worked closely with JYASF on our behalf to find cost effective solutions to new issues. We are glad that we chose you and JYASF as a team.

I never met Peter or the foreman Jose, but we were also impressed with their work. The crew was professional, and kept the work site very clean and tidy. Additionally the crew was respectful of the space and clearly considered impact on our residents in terms of maintaining security and noise during the working hours. Although we are happy the project is over and we can move back into our storage units, we were all delighted and surprised by the low impact the project had on us and our homes.

If you even need a referral for future clients, please do not hesitate to ask.


Mike Shagam & The 3129-39 Folsom HOA

Seismic Retrofit, Six (6) Story Apartment Building, Steel-Concrete, San Francisco – “Our contract with Trush was somewhat simple and straight forward, but – once we got into the job – we ran into many unknown items of work that could not have been initially anticipated, such as below foundation soils issues, and many many more. It became a difficult job. This required constant project re-engineering. Amongst other things, the city kept on adding new permit work items. Trush solved all of these ‘new issues’, brought in the right sub-contractors, and the increased costs were handled professionally and in a cost effective manner. We are confident that the building is now stronger than originally engineered, and we hope there will be no earthquakes to test the work. I would hire Trush again.”

255 Steiner LLC

San Francisco

“To Whom it may concern:
It has been a pleasure to work with Trush Construction, and I am very happy that I found this company to do the soft story retrofit on my 9 unit apartment building. They have the manpower to have adequate men working when they are needed, and everyone on their crew seems to be highly skilled at what they do and are pleasant to work with. The work has moved along at a timely, steady and uninterrupted pace. I think that they are offering excellent work at a conscientious, reasonable cost.”

John Williams

San Francisco

Soft Story Seismic Upgrade – “As manager of a rental building of the Cow Hollow area of San Francisco, with both residential and commercial tenants, Shahram and Trush Construction was referred to us to conduct the work. We received a reasonable bid, and they proceeded to complete the project in a timely and satisfactory manner. We are extremely happy with the professionalism of Shahram, his office and his crew. They are knowledgeable, easy to work with and very familiar with the difficult San Francisco bureaucracy in Planning and Permitting. Shahram and his crew showed great consideration for our tenants, even our commercial tenants were happy while the work was in progress. As promised, work was completed meeting the City’s requirements.”

Emily Leung
San Francisco

Underground Garage and Patio – “We had Trush excavate under our home in San Francisco to put in a garage, party space and patio. This also required putting in a steel moment frame for earthquake retrofitting. They did an excellent job at a completely fair price. The principals as well as the subs they use are professionals who take pride in every detail of their work and know how to work with creating exactly what their clients want. We are totally happy with the results. Trush is excellent, and should be considered for small jobs as well as total renovations and new construction.”

S. Hester
San Francisco

Hillside Garage and New Elevator – “Trush Construction was absolutely great in helping us redesign and widen a hillside garage and install a new elevator. The logistics were nearly impossible, yet they did a superb job. Equally important, the Ghodsian brothers—Shahram and Peter—are easy to work with, attentive to the smallest detail, and have a delightful crew. We give them the highest recommendation.”

R. Burton