Soft Story Upgrade Should You Accept The Lowest Bid?

Owners often find themselves grappling with the evaluation of bids and contractor selection when dealing with seismic upgrade project. In addition to the bid price, the following are also critical in the successful completion of the project:

1. TEAM: A prime consideration should be the selection of the TEAM who would be leading the project. You must feel comfortable working with the contractor and his/her team.

2. TRUST: Be able to establish trust, and able to depend on the Team who takes control of parts of your building for a duration of time.

3. COMMUNICATE: Have an open and comprehensive channel of communication. The construction will have interference with the convenience of tenants. The contractor’s ability to keep the tenants informed and acknowledge their needs will prevent unnecessary discomfort.

4. ORGANIZED: As most of the operations will take place in the parking areas or the basement, often needs for utility disconnection and closure of traffic to cars will arise. Operating a safe and organized site is an important element in the progress of the job.

5. DEPENDABLE: In most older buildings, there is a possibility of encountering unexpected conditions such as hazardous material, or framing damage due to decay. It helps to know that the contractor is working as a member of your team, and preserving your interest is his/her top priority.

6. SUPPORT: The Team must be adequately staffed and organized to deliver the project efficiently, on time, and within budget.

7. KNOWLEDGE The crew and management must have sufficient experience and understand the technology of the seismic work. It is not enough to know how to install hardware. Often the existing conditions won’t allow an installation to take place as drawn. The contractor’s experience and knowledge can be invaluable in communications with the engineers — saving time and money.

8. RELATIONSHIPS: The contractor’s established relationship with subcontractors, manufacturers and Fabricators is instrumental in efficiency of the operations, reducing unnecessary down time – resulting in superior Installation.

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