Earthquake Plan

Earthquake Plan

Do you want to be in-the-know about earthquake safety? If yes, then, you are in the right place! Today’s post is by Katharine Turkle, Founder of Quake Plan Consulting who is passionate about improving earthquake safety, saving money, and saving lives.

Below are the 3 critical preparedness items everyone in California needs to know. I hope you find these three steps actionable and motivating. They are the perfect foundation to protect what you care about most at home and at work.

1) Choose one out-of-state emergency contact person.
This person will be your family’s (or work team’s) go-to point of contact. This person will be keeping track of who has checked in and what the known issues are. This contact person will also be able to use their own local emergency resources to communicate to your local emergency resources much better then you will be able to yourself due to the fact that local calls are very difficult to connect in an emergency situation. Long distance calls and texts are the way to go. Pick on emergency contact person and program that info into everyone’s phones. Better yet, memorize it.

2) Keep Fire extinguishers nearby and know how to use them.
We have learned that fire, triggered by a quake, can do just as much damage as the initial earthquake if not more. Keep fire extinguishers around your home and office. Be trained by a safety professional, many local fire departments offer hands-on trainings. If we all help manage small fires before they get out of control we can prevent millions of dollars in damage and save lives.

3) Understand the hazards near you.
Take a critical look at the places you spend a lot of time- home, office, commute to work, etc. In what ways can we make them safer? If you drive over many bridges or tunnels, familiarize yourself with alternate routes that will be more safe to use after an earthquake. In a multi story building, know the stairways to use if the power is out. In your home, look for objects that can fall during an earthquake, especially those over beds or high-traffic areas (couch, dining room table, etc.). Secure mirrors, picture frames, and tall furniture to the wall to minimize injury from falling objects. These are just a few steps you can take, and they will drastically improve your safety during an earthquake.

This is, by no means, an exhaustive list. But the most important thing to realize is that it’s a start! I am willing to bet that if you complete these three steps before the end of the month you will feel more prepared and relaxed about earthquakes than you have in years. You don’t get to decide when they happen or how big the earthquakes will be, but you do get to decide how well you will be prepared when the shaking begins. We can save thousands of lives and millions of dollars in damages using thoughtful and specific safety solution. Earthquakes are an inevitable part of living in our beautiful state but you are in control of your quality of life and safety. You have the power to protect your home, family, and work community. Today is a great day to improve your safety.

By: Katharine Turkle, Founder of Quake Plan Consulting.